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Hunter's family had a Dairy Farm in upstate NY and he loved working with cows and being on the land from an early age. He used to peer through the fences at nearby Ankony Angus and dreamed of raising purebred Angus cattle.

Encouraged by his wife, Anne, they established Holding Ranch in 1994 as a Black Angus breeding operation. Before investing in angus cattle Anne and Hunter visited leading breeders throughout the country to learn about their operations and cattle. They finally bought three foundation cows, two from a well-known bloodline in Virginia and one from an equally famous bloodline in Kansas.

The Holdings expanded their herd through embryo transfer and artificial insemination, and in 1996 began selling bulls to commercial cattle ranches and heifers to other angus breeders. Their cutting-edge genetics helped them become established as successful breeders.

As the Holdings established their breeding business, many people visited their ranch in suburban Lafayette and asked if they would offer angus beef for sale. These inquiries became so numerous that in 2004, they decided to offer retail cuts of beef at the ranch. Demand was very high and, in 2005, they decided to increase production of grass fed beef and offer it at the Walnut Creek Farmer's Market. Business has continued to increase, and the Holdings now offer their beef at several East Bay Farmer's Markets.
In the Press:

Edible East Bay Fall 2007 "Ever since childhood, Anne Holding and her husband, Hunter, knew just what they wanted to do in life. Anne wanted to help children; Hunter wanted to raise cattle."

Lessons in Mindfullness on a Lafayette Ranch, Edible East Bay
Fall 2007 Issue (Download the pdf file).

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