Please refer to the Beef Price List for prices.

Bulk Orders

We are offering our customers the opportunity to special order our beef in quarter, half and whole carcass quantities. In these orders you will receive proportionate shares of all our beef cuts at significantly discounted prices.

Quarters & Halves:
Our Bulk Beef Deliveries take place every month. Deliveries are made to a central location in the Bay Area.

A deposit will confirm your order and place in line. Please note: Bulk orders are taken on a first come, first served basis.

Quarter: $6.59/lb
Half: $6.29/lb
Whole: $5.79/lb
(Please refer to the Cut Sheet for more information.)

A deposit of $200 will reserve your order for quarter beef, $400 for half beef and $600 for whole beef.

You can place an order by emailing us at office@holdingranch.com. You can pay your deposit through the following PayPal link:

Select cut:

or by mailing a check to the Ranch in Montague. Final payment will depend on the weight of your order, and will be payable upon delivery.

Deliveries are made to a central location in the Bay Area.

Please refer to the beef pdf order form.

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