HOLDING RANCH offers beef and lamb that is wholly raised on grass, never receiving any supplements, antibiotics, corn or other feeds that are unnatural to ruminant animals. For 12 years, Holding Ranch cattle were raised in the LaMorinda Hills as well as in Danville using rotational grazing practices designed to optimize the health of the native grasslands. We handle our animals humanely, using techniques developed by leading animal behavior experts.

The beef is processed and inspected by the USDA at a small, family-owned plant. It is dry-aged for approximately 30 days, then cut, wrapped and frozen. Holding Ranch uses its portable freezer facility to transport the beef directly to our farmers markets in San Mateo, Walnut Creek and Menlo Park.

Customers consistently comment that Holding Ranch beef has excellent flavor and is very lean. They are pleased that the beef is healthier than what they can get at the grocery store, and they appreciate being able to speak with founders Hunter and Anne Holding directly about how the beef is raised.


For more information or to place an order, please contact us at office@holdingranch.com or call us at the number below.


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